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Reliable and visionary, Capital Equities is an emerging real estate company with ambitious real estate initiatives.

Respecting the past

Realizing potential

Revitalizing with care


Capital Equities Group specializes in full renovation, repurposing, and change use of both commercial, mixed use, and residential properties. Capital Equities Group possesses an innate ability to realize potential. Through research, analysis of demand, and active community involvement, properties & developments are targeted, conceptualized, selected, financed, purchased, remodeled or repurposed, and managed efficiently. A strong foundation of architectural knowledge and design skillfully guide our developmental properties to earn a high return on investment. Our thorough understanding of the developmental process allows us to maintain momentum, adhere to our strategic plan, and deliver results.


Our professional property management services ensure a positive experience for tenants with a keen eye on maintaining profitability for owners. From the day-to-day execution of repairs, maintenance, and improvements to management of onsite vendors and subcontractors to the leasing and marketing of available spaces, Capital Equities ensures that the property is run efficiently. We have a highly-trained and experienced staff that continually maintains the integrity of each property while providing tenants with a level of service that they come to know and expect. With the superior and experienced property management we provide, owners can meet their customers’ expectations while yielding the greatest return on a property.


Capital Equities Group’s focus on general construction not only formed the foundation of this company, but also shed light on a promising path for success and client satisfaction. Specializing in commercial work throughout Connecticut and New York, mainly consisting of corporate interiors and retail spaces, Capital Equities Group has completed a wide range of ground-up, gut renovation, and interior projects. These projects include trading environments, medical offices, clinics, art galleries, offices, retail shops, residential condominiums, and the corporate headquarters of major corporations. We understand that each project requires a team of knowledgeable and skilled players- who maintain a strong focus and pay close attention to detail. We look forward to participating as members of the team on your next construction project.